Relaxing and De-Stressing with Crystal Candles

Updated: Aug 24

In today's hustle and bustle world where everyone is always feeling stressed and anxious, while also being inundated with information telling us that we need to do more, we are not good enough, we do not look good enough to succeed in life or that we need to buy more to be happy, it is no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out all of the time. This blog post has been written to give you insights into a new range of candles that I have created called "Crystal Candles"

What are Crystal Candles?

Crystal Candles are handcrafted creations that are made using specially chosen crystals, all of which have unique healing properties. From the moment you unpack your candle from its hessian drawstring bag, the properties of the candle will begin to flood your environment with its healing properties. When you light your candle, the warmth from the wood wick flame and the gentle cracking sound will interact with the crystal to release negative ions. These negative ions will then get to work by neutralising electromagnetic radiation from your environment which also helps to reduce stress and promote feelings of calmness and tranquillity.

What are the benefits of Crystal Candles?

The benefits of Crystal Candles are many but the main focus of these candles is to destress the mind, body & spirit. Crystal Candles help to eliminate stress levels while improving your mood and promoting feelings of centeredness, calmness and relaxation. Crystal Candles can also help to clear your space of negative energy while promoting feelings of positivity. On top of that, they look pretty darn nice too!

How do I use a Crystal Candle?

Using a Crystal Candle is as easy as 1,2,3 but if you follow the simple steps below, you will get the most out of these unique creations.

When using a Crystal Candle, it is essential to set your intention before you light the candle.

  1. First, take a few moments to centre yourself. You can do this simply by taking in 3 deep breaths.

  2. When you feel centred, hold the candle in your hands {in front of your heart} and visualise all stress and anxiety melting into the candle. You can also tell the candle what you are worried about and why you have chosen to work with it

  3. As you inhale the fragrance of the candle, picture all of your worries and concerns melting into the pure white wax.

  4. Simply allow yourself to relax and let go of all negativity in your life. With each out-breath, imagine your worries and stress are released.

  5. Just be at one with the candle and enjoy the moment.

The best time to use one of the Crystal Candles is in the morning before going to work or in the evening before going to bed. Using the candle in the morning will give you a positive boost of energy to face the day and using them in the evenings will help your mind to unwind and for your body to relax into a state of peace, calmness and tranquillity. Lighting the candle and setting your intention at both times can help you to move your mind into a higher and more positive state of being.

Different ways to enjoy the benefits of Crystal Candles

There are many different ways to enjoy the benefits of using crystal candles. You can use them in your home, at work, or even take them with you when you travel. If you are feeling stressed, light a candle and allow yourself to relax at the moment. You can also use candles with other relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, or aromatherapy {Aromatherapy Candles will be coming to Living Light very soon}

How often should you use a Crystal Candle for optimal results?

Ideally, you should use your Crystal Candle every day but if this isn't possible then a few times a week will bring positive results. If neither of these is possible then just using the candle as often as you feel you need a boost will suffice. For example, if you feel stressed one day, light the candle of your choosing then take a few moments to relax and breathe deeply. Either way, if you are looking for a way to destress and reduce negative energy, consider using crystal candles. With their ability to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation, they make the perfect tool for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to set your intention before lighting your candle, and enjoy the benefits of using this powerful tool! Crystal candles can be used as often as you like and make a great addition to any relaxation routine.

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