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Myth: Home-fragrance candles are unsafe

You might have seen the posts on Facebook and other social media websites where people are stating that scented candles are unsafe and are bad for your health. Well, I want to debunk this myth straight away. When a candle is made correctly following IFRA regulations, scented candles will be compliant with the General Product Safety Regulations in the UK. Living Light Candles follows all guidelines to ensure that our candles meet the strictest of guidelines to ensure you have a safe and beautifully scented candle that is not too strong and not too weak. All of our candles are hand poured and cured then we will perform tests for performance and safety. A study performed in 2021 concluded that plant waxes behave very well in terms of emissions. The study also concluded that for fragranced candles, where guide values for emissions were available, the concentrations for indoor air were safely met and, in many cases, were well below the established safety levels.

Myth: Candles should be left to burn until no wax is left

If a candle is classed as self-extinguishing, then unsurprisingly, it can be burned until it self-extinguishes. Container candles can also be burned until they self-extinguish. The sustainer in a container candle is a safety feature, and a 6mm sustainer will extinguish the candle flame before it comes into contact with the candle glass. We use wood wicks so the sustainer is taller than traditional cotton cored wicks that can burn down further in the jar, sometimes almost touching the glass base of the container. Your candle from Living Light will leave residual wax at the bottom of the jar. This is perfectly normal and is a safety feature that guarantees your glass jar will not crack with the heat of the flame. This left over wax can then be used as wax melts.

If you have a question that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can.

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