Colour Therapy with Candles

As a qualified Colour Therapist and a Candle Maker, I wanted to create a blog post about using Candles for Healing and Alignment. I will also be introducing Candle Therapy items to my website very soon so please bookmark the website and sign up to our newsletter to be first in line when these items are released.

People have been using candles for thousands of years, being used by nearly all religions, cultures and individuals. Candles are symbols of celebration, mourning, spirituality and the soul. Their power combined with your thoughts and desires can have a profound influence on your life as well as assist you in balancing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Candles also create a meditative and hypnotic mood. The flame offers a good focal point for reflection and meditation, as it sends out its own energies. Candle colour therapy can be used in many ways; meditation, Reiki, energy healing, chakra balancing and self-improvement. It can also be used for cleansing, healing and strengthening the mind, body and spirit. In any way you choose to use them, the most important goal is to develop higher awareness and consciousness.
Colour choice is of the utmost importance when burning candles because different colours vibrate at varying frequencies. These vibrations converge with your own energies and can assist you in manifesting your desires, balancing your auras and chakras and protecting you from negative energies. Listed below are candle colours and their corresponding therapeutic uses. If you use colour candle therapy it is preferred that you use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame because the energy of your breath can conflict with the energy of the flame which can interrupt and affect the outcome of the candle burning session. This is not however set in stone so please use a snuffer only if you are guided to do so.
White Candles - The colour white represents unity. It works to purify the mind, body & spirit, cleaning, protecting, and giving peace and comfort while also enhancing spirituality. The smoke from a white candle signifies the clearing of negativity. When the candle is no longer smoking, the negative energy has evaporated.
Black Candles - Black is one of the most powerful colours in colour therapy. Black absorbs and disrupts negative energies and thought patterns. Used for deep meditation, it brings peace and silence to the mind, body & spirit. Black candles are useful when you are experiencing difficult times in relationships and life in general. It is even more powerful when burned along with a white candle. Use caution when working with Black Candles because it can also manifest depression. Offset this by burning a yellow candle.
Red Candles - Red brings forth a feeling of strength, love, passion, grounding, protection, healing and balance by cleansing and re-aligning the Root Chakra. Burning a red candle along with one of our Root Chakra candles works very well.
Yellow Candles - Yellow works to enhance communication, meditation, clairvoyance, healing, mental stimulation, and happiness and drives away negative energies. Yellow candles also balance and cleanse the Solar Plexus chakra so using a yellow candle along with one of our Solar Plexus aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and clearing of the mind, body & spirit.
Green Candles - The colour green promotes healing, growth, luck, balance, calmness, protection, confidence and abundance. Using a green candle with one of our Heart Chakra aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and clearing of the Heart Chakra as well as the trinity of mind, body & spirit.
Orange Candles - The colour orange represents success, attraction, creativity, friendship and vitality. The orange candle soothes shattered nerves and it can be used to help you seek out a career or healing treatments to balance, cleanse and align the Sacral Chakra. Using an orange candle with one of our Sacral Chakra aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and clearing of the Sacral Chakra.
Blue Candles - Blue brings forth a greater ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings with others. The colour blue also works on forgiveness, healing {especially in children}, meditation, calming, peace, resolving spiritual issues and can help with immediate financial needs by balancing the Throat Chakra. Using a blue candle with one of our Throat Chakra aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and clearing of this Chakra as well as the trinity of mind, body & spirit.
Purple Candles - Purple takes away all forms of negativity and helps you to overcome obstacles. It heightens psychic awareness and helps in contacting the spirit world. This makes our purple candles a perfect spiritual tool for anyone who conducts spiritual meetings or are trying to develop their psychic abilities.
Lavender Candles - Lavender brings about healing, and freedom, and helps with dream interpretation {never leave a candle unattended and never fall asleep with a candle burning}. Using a lavender candle with one of our 3rd eye {Ajna} Chakra aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and clearing of the psyche and 3rd Eye Chakra.
Pink Candles - Pink brings about fulfilment, love, affection, joy, pleasure, soul mate attractions and forgiveness of the self and others. This is the ideal candle to use if you are on a date or are enjoying a romantic evening with your husband/wife/girlfriend or boyfriend. Using a pink candle with one of our Heart Chakra aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and clearing of the Heart Chakra as well as the trinity of mind, body & spirit.
Indigo Candles - Indigo enhances spirituality, intuition, psychic awareness, spiritual healing and communication with loved ones who have crossed over. When burned with a white candle it will balance and cleanse the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. Using an indigo candle with one of our 3rd Eye or Crown Chakra aromatherapy candles will bring deeper healing and increased psychic awareness.
Brown Candles - Brown removed bad omens, brings about financial success, and grounds you to the earth. Meditate with a brown candle to locate lost items and balance/cleanse the Earth Star Chakra which is located 1 hand width below the soles of your feet.
Darker shaded candles bring forth a greater sense of protection than a black candle illuminates. Lighter-shaded candles enhance the purification powers that the white candle illuminates and helps avoid dishonesty. You can also burn a black and white candle next to another colour candle to achieve the same effect.
Candle Placement
You can burn more than one candle at a time. There are various placement configurations when using multiple candles. Always light multiple candles in a clockwise direction so that the energy flow is uninterrupted and in a continued pattern. Each configuration can bring about specific results and changes.
Listed below are examples of some of the more common candle configurations.
* Triangle - To overcome inner conflict, enhance creativity and good luck.
* Square - Grounds and stabilises and helps to enhance compassion, unconditional love and nonjudgmental behaviour.
* Circle - The ultimate protection, symbolizes the cycle of life, unity, infinity and deep friendships.
* Cross - To align and balance chakra energies.
* Diamond - Helpful in meditation, and harmony in the family and home and can be used to manifest all desires.
* 5-point Star - Strengthens and heightens spiritual awareness.
* 6-point Star - Protects and balances, heals, and reconnects the heart chakra to the mind.

* 7-point Star - Chakra alignment, healing, self-protection and creates a greater sense of personal energy, harmony and optimism.

How to use Candles in your Meditations and Daily Life

Candles are a great focus tool for any type of healing. If you are working on a specific area of concern or even a chakra you can use a coloured candle that matches that area of concern or chakra. The coloured candle will provide you with an excellent focal point while you work on clearing the energies and situations to bring healing and balance to your mind and body.

State Your Intention

When you work with candles you want to be very clear about your intention. You don't want to give a mixed message. For example, if you've determined that you need to be more open with your emotions, you will be working with the throat chakra. A blocked throat can be the reason you constantly have throat infections or you feel a large lump in your throat/constantly clear your throat when you try to express your feelings to others. Next, you want to make a statement of your intention or purpose. A possible statement of intention might be:

"My throat chakra is now opening as I focus on this blue candle."

"I focus on the blue candle flame and see it melting the blockage in my throat chakra."

"My throat chakra is spinning back into balance as the blue candle lights the path to finding my voice once more."

How to Use Your Statement of Intent

The burning of candles whether it be a normal coloured candle or a chakra candle provides you with a new layer of energy for your quiet time and meditation. To take full advantage of this tool you can use it as a mantra. You may recite your new mantra or record yourself repeating it and then play it on a loop while you meditate. You may decide to get creative and have meditation music playing in the background. You can personalize your meditation using the chakra candle however much or little you want. If none of this resonates with you or if you are not open to the spiritual nature of coloured candle healing, you can simply burn the candle in your home, enjoy the beautiful fragrance and then let whatever happens to happen but I am sure you will find after a few days of use, there will be subtle changes in your background that are a result of the candle affecting your chakra system.

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