Candle Care

Our candles are carefully made to give you hours of fragrance and enjoyment. To keep your candle looking and burning at its best {and safest} please read the following information carefully. These tips are given so you can enjoy your Living Light Candle. 


How to Burn Your Candle 


1. Our candles are made using wooden wicks which need to be cared for. In the same way as any candle, you must first light your candle in a well ventilated room. To light a wooden wick, start by lighting one corner of the wick then allow the flame to travel across the full length of the wick. Our candles are made with cosmetic grade and essential {aromatherapy} oils so they are perfectly safe for use but it is always encouraged to never burn a candle in a small area or if you have any breathing difficulties {Asthma, COPD or similar breathing conditions}. We have recently introduced a new Fragrance Free Candle which is made from Soy Wax and nothing else.  


2. Always burn your candle away from drafts, fans or flammable materials. Due to our candles being made using Wooden Wicks, there is little to no sooting or uneven burning but these can still occur if they are not used in the right way. 


3. You must burn your candle for a minimum of 2-3 hours for the first burn. This will create a memory pool of hot wax. Burning for less time can cause candles to tunnel or for wax to build up around the edges of the jar resulting in an uneven burn and wasting of wax. Refunds or exchanges are not offered if this occurs after you have not burnt the candle properly. 

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4. After the wooden wick has completely burnt down to the sustainer, you will be left with a small pool of wax. This is perfectly normal and it is something that occurs with all wooden wick candles. When your candle has completely burnt out, it is time for you to buy another new candle. Burning past this point can cause the glass jar to fracture due to there not being enough wax to absorb the heat. If you would like to use the leftover wax, you must wait until the wax has completely cooled before proceeding with the next steps. 

5. To use up any left over wax, submerge the bottom of the candle jar into hot water, covering the lower portion of the outside of the glass jar. When the wax begins to pull away from the edges of the jar, you can tip out the wax onto a piece of kitchen paper. This can then be cut into smaller pieces and used as wax melts in an oil burner. Please check out our Blog to learn how to use wax melts. 

Caring for your Wooden Wick 


1. Living Light Candles are made using responsibly sourced Wooden Wicks. These wicks are all-natural, eco and vegan friendly. Each Wooden Wick is made from native, sappy fruit trees which are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council {FSC} - certified mills and manufactured with great skill. 


2. To achieve optimum burn performance always light your candle from the edge and allow the flame to travel across the candle. 


3. When you have extinguished your candle, leave the wick to completely cool before gently snapping off the black sections of the wick. There will naturally be a breaking point on the wick so please be careful when performing this action. 

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4. It is important to remember that not all wood wicks will crackle. Living Light Candles will always use the largest wooden wicks that we can to give you the crackle that you are wanting to hear when you burn one of our candles. 

That's it, it really is as simple as that! We hope this helps you to get the most from your candle but if you ever have any questions about your candles or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch - We'd love to hear from you! 

Take care {of yourself and your candles}