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About Us

Set up in 2020, Living Light Candles is a home-grown business that was founded on the principles of quality, affordability and ecology. From my craft studio to a new start-up business I personally pour, pack and dispatch candles every month to customers in my local area and beyond. I can also be found at local craft fairs and markets throughout the year. Working with organic soy wax and wooden wicks, every candle that I create is crafted by hand from beginning to end. The fragrances that I use are chosen for their abilities to awaken memories that fill your heart with joyful cheer. All fragrances are handcrafted to ensure that your candles will give you a long-lasting fragrance throw that will fill your home with our specially chosen fragrances. The environmental impact of Living Light Candles is also at the forefront of every Candle that I make. Living Light Candles is currently working hard to become completely plastic-free {where possible} by only using natural materials in our handmade products. I use natural hessian bags as packaging for the candles, cardboard boxes for delivery, and eco-packaging peanuts to protect your candles during transit and all labels will be printed in my home studio to cut down on my carbon footprint. Printing the labels in my craft studio also gives each candle a handmade look which is something that our customers prefer over mass-produced candles or larger home-based companies that focus on visual appearance over the actual quality of their candles.